The airport carpark is being upgraded and parking is limited. Passengers are encouraged to arrange alternate transport and allow extra travel time.
Who do I contact for Lost Property?

For items left in the terminal: contact MSS Security on 0401 776 230. For items left on the aircraft or missing luggage, please see below.

I’ve lost an item on the aircraft I flew on, or my luggage is missing. Who do I contact?

If you have left something on the aircraft you travelled on, please contact the airline you were travelling with directly.

If you have lost or misplaced luggage, luggage left on the baggage carousel, or damaged luggage, please contact your airline directly:

Jetstar 13 15 38 or 1800 687 374

Virgin Australia 13 67 89 or Lost Baggage Services at

Rex Airlines 13 17 13

FlyPelican 02 4965 0111

Can you tell me how much it will cost to park for a certain number of days?

Please visit the Transport Links page for details of car parking charges.

Does the airport provide long term car parking?

The long-stay car park is locked between 9pm and 5am with security patrols throughout the night.

Do we need to book the car park?

No booking is required for the car park.

What are the opening hours of the terminal?

A Ballina Byron Gateway Airport terminal hours vary due to airline scheduling. Please contact Airport Administration on 02 6681 1858.

Are lockers provided in the terminal?

No. For security reasons, the airport cannot be responsible for passenger belongings.

Q: Who do I contact for bus transfers?

See our Transport Links page for contact details.

Q: How do I obtain the use of a wheelchair?

Please contact your airline directly.

Jetstar 13 15 38 or

Virgin Australia 13 67 89

Rex Airlines 13 17 13 or

FlyPelican 02 4965 0111 or

What items are prohibited in carry-on luggage on aircraft?

There are limitations on the items allowed in carry-on luggage in the cabin of all aircraft. All knives or cutting implements such as nail scissors and pocket knives or sharp pointed objects are prohibited.

What security screening process do I have to go through at the airport?

All passengers departing from Ballina Byron Gateway Airport must pass through a stringent security screening process to ensure the safety and efficiency of airport and airline operations. Click here for more information on the steps involved in the screening process at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport.

What are the restrictions for medicines?

Prescription medication is exempt, however a letter from your practitioner will need to be presented with the medicine. It is also advisable to notify your airline before departure.

Non-Prescription medicines are also exempt, however only the amount required for the duration of your flight should be carried in your hand luggage. Medical items such as asthma sprays, insulin, contact lens solution and cough syrups are exempt. Every effort should be made to comply with these requirements for easier check-in.

What time should I check-in before my flight departs?

Please check with the airline you are travelling with for more specific check-in requirements as check-in times vary between the airlines.

How much can my luggage weigh?

A. For information on check-in baggage allowances, please contact the airline you are flying with direct as each airline has its own baggage allowances.

Is there internet access available at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available for your convenience.

Where and how do I pay parking infringements?

Parking Infringement Notices can be paid at Australia Post via BPAY, online at or by telephone 1300 130 112 (Mastercard or Visa).

What is the street address of the airport so I can find it by GPS?

210 Southern Cross Drive Ballina NSW 2478.

How do I get a job at the airport?

For management and operational positions visit the Ballina Shire Council Employment page.

For ground handling positions with the airlines, visit Oceania Aviation and Aus Flight Handling

For security positions, visit MSS Security

How do I advertise my business within the terminal?

For any internal advertising contact:

Bishopp Billboard Advertising

NZ 0800 422 699 | AUS 1800 072 430


Media News Crews & Filming Requests

Ballina Shire Council is responsible for the operation of the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport.
We have a good working relationship with key media outlets and will make every effort to assist news and film crews in obtaining footage and interviews with airport Management.
We ask that film and media news crews follow these guidelines before arriving at the airport or seeking an interview with Airport Management:

  • Approval from Ballina Shire Council’s Communications Section is required before filming at the airport or interviews with Airport Management.
  • News crews and events tend to attract crowds. We require prior notice of any camera crew accessing airport facilities. While we understand that breaking news does not always allow for advanced warning, we still require as much notice as possible.
  • When visiting the airport precinct, media representatives must follow instructions without hesitation or questioning airport staff. At times you may even be asked to leave.
  • Requests to film check-in counters, branding and interview staff or passengers must be made in the first instance with the relevant airline. If the airline’s consent is not obtained, permission from Ballina Shire Council will not be granted
  • News crews are not allowed to film security staff or people dealing with security equipment.
  • Permission to film airside will only be by invitation from Ballina Shire Council.
  • Airport visitors may not be comfortable being filmed, even if they are in the background. We ask that you do not interview and film visitors in the airport precinct; this includes the terminal building and parking areas.
  • Parking rules apply to filming and media vehicles at the airport. Parking is only permitted within the designated public paid-parking area (not in front of the administration office or terminal drop-off zones).
  • Enquiries regarding flight delays and cancellations should be made directly with the airlines.

Ballina Shire Council – Communications Section
1300 864 444