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Special Assistance

The Airport team looks forward to welcoming you to the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport. The following information will help make your visit an easy and enjoyable experience.


Before you travel

Always ensure you tell your airline or travel agent when making your reservation that you have a disability and the assistance you will require. They will make the necessary arrangements for you, for example an aircraft wheelchair or suitable position on the aircraft for a guide dog. Most people, particularly those with stable conditions, will not require medical clearance before travelling, however it is important to check when booking.

Arriving at the Airport

Ensure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time before your flight. Your travel agent or airline will advise the check-in time for your flight. The covered awning at the front of the terminal building is the ideal location for departure ‘drop-offs’. The public car park has parking bays for people with disabilities, provided the authorised Disability Parking Permit is displayed.

Boarding the Aircraft

Most airlines provide special arrangements for passengers with disabilities, allowing them to board the aircraft first and disembark last.

Once on board the aircraft, flight attendants will be responsible for making your journey as comfortable as possible.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs are welcome in all areas of the terminal building. Check with your airline regarding arrangements.

Domestic Arrival and Baggage Claim

When flying to Ballina Byron Gateway Airport disembarking will be via the pedestrian walkways leading into the terminal building. Should you require a wheelchair or other assistance, please ensure the airline is made aware prior to your flight. The baggage reclaim facility is located inside the arrivals hall of the terminal building.

Ground Transport

Taxis and shuttle bus services are available at the front of the terminal building. For taxis that can accommodate wheelchairs, please contact (02) 6686 9999 or Freecall 1800 065 870.


Upon arriving, proceed to the relevant check-in desk. Airline staff will explain the process and location for transferring you to one of their wheelchairs, which is suitable for the aisle of the aircraft.

The check-in area has an induction loop / hearing loop installed into the concrete floor. The check-in area listening system consists of the hearing and induction loop, and a mixer amplifier which is connected to the existing public area PA system. The system has been designed and installed for people who wear hearing aids filtered with a ‘T’ switch (telecoil). Sound waves from the speaker’s voice going into the PA microphone are changed into an electronic current, amplified, and then sent through the coil, which emits a magnetic field into the immediate area. The field is picked up by the ‘T’ switch when turned on, amplified and converted back into sound.

Security Screening

All travellers and visitors, including those with a disability, must undergo the mandated level of security checks. Please advise the screening officer if you have a condition or need for special assistance. If you use a wheelchair or other form of mobility assistance device, the security officer will scan you with a hand held detector and/or undertake a frisk search (for privacy, a room adjacent to the screening area is available on request). The assistive device will also be subject to the security screening processes.

Emergency Situations 

In the unlikely event of an emergency situation, audible alarms will sound and an announcement made through the public address system.


For further information.

Telephone +61 2 6681 1858
Facsimile +61 2 6681 1873

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