General Information

We take security seriously and the safety of the airport precinct is of the highest priority. We are committed to working closely with all government regulators relating to aviation safety and security.

Security screening is in operation in accordance with the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005. 

Screening of visitors, passengers, cabin baggage and check baggage is conducted in the terminal.

Prior preparation by passengers is essential to ensure smooth and timely security processing. This includes such things as advising security staff of any disabilities, removing any jewellery, sharps, dangerous goods, belts and remove all items from pockets. Also, remove laptops and tablets these items must be removed and placed in separate trays. Aerosols must also be removed from your bag and be checked to see if they are safe to travel. Being well prepared will help speed up the screening process. If you are in doubt please check with our friendly security staff.

If you’re found to be carrying any dangerous, prohibited goods or liquids, aerosols and gels over the restricted amount, these will need to be surrendered before you can proceed to the secure area of the Terminal. No items will be kept, returned or on-forwarded to you.

Suspicious Behaviour

All threats and comments made about carrying weapons or explosives – whether intended as a joke or not – will be taken seriously. Suspicious behaviour in this manner may result in travel being refused, and prosecution. 
If you see or hear anything at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport that is of concern, please notify security staff immediately. People are encouraged to report information, big or small. 

Unattended Baggage

  • Baggage must never be left unattended at the Airport. All unattended items will be treated as suspicious by airport staff who will alert security immediately. 
  • Please clearly label your belongings with your contact details and destination so it can be identified quickly. Airlines supply luggage tags that are available at check-in counters for this purpose. 
  • To ensure your security, we ask that you pack your own bags and never take items on board an aircraft for other people. 
  • Please report unattended baggage to security staff immediately.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitoring is in place across Ballina Byron Gateway Airport. 

More Information

For management, operations and administration opportunities please visit the Ballina Shire Council Employment page

For ground handling opportunities please visit Aus Flight Handling and Oceania Aviation websites.

For Aviation Protection Officer opportunities please visit MSS Security website.

For all internal advertising enquiries please contact Bishopp Billboard Advertising on 07 3552 5600 or or visit

Ballina Shire Council is responsible for the operation of the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport.

We have a good working relationship with key media outlets and will make every effort to assist news and film crews in obtaining footage and interviews with airport Management.

We ask that film and media news crews follow these guidelines before arriving at the airport or seeking an interview with Airport Management:

  • Approval from Ballina Shire Council’s Communications Section is required before filming at the airport or interviews with Airport Management.
  • News crews and events tend to attract crowds. We require prior notice of any camera crew accessing airport facilities. While we understand that breaking news does not always allow for advanced warning, we still require as much notice as possible.
  • When visiting the airport precinct, media representatives must follow instructions without hesitation or questioning airport staff. At times you may even be asked to leave.
  • Requests to film check-in counters, branding and interview staff or passengers must be made in the first instance with the relevant airline. If the airline’s consent is not obtained, permission from Ballina Shire Council will not be granted
  • News crews are not allowed to film security staff or people dealing with security equipment.
  • Permission to film airside will only be by invitation from Ballina Shire Council.
  • Airport visitors may not be comfortable being filmed, even if they are in the background. We ask that you do not interview and film visitors in the airport precinct; this includes the terminal building and parking areas.
  • Parking rules apply to filming and media vehicles at the airport. Parking is only permitted within the designated public paid-parking area (not in front of the administration office or terminal drop-off zones).
  • Enquiries regarding flight delays and cancellations should be made directly with the airlines.

Enquiries: Ballina Shire Council – Communications Section

Phone: 1300 864 444


Airservices Australia manages complaints and enquiries about aircraft noise and operations through its dedicated Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS). The service is the Australian aviation industry's main contact point for the community on aircraft noise and related issues. Complaints and enquiries help identify issues of community concern and opportunities for delivering noise improvements for communities.

Further information is available on the Airservices Australia website.

You can lodge a complaint or enquiry by:

For landing, parking, terminal and all other airport service fees please download the  Current Fees and Charges

Cranes operating within Ballina Shire have the potential to create an air safety hazard and to significantly impact the operation of Ballina Byron Gateway Airport. As such, any crane activity within the area extent of the Airport’s Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) must be referred to Airport management staff for assessment.

The area extent of the OLS can be found on the Ballina Shire Council online mapping platform (IntraMaps) which allows any property address to be compared against the OLS Planning Constraint overlay.  If in doubt, applicants should check with the Airport’s management staff.

Online maps

How to apply for assessment?

Applications to carry out crane operations should be made by completing a Crane Assessment Form and submitting to Airport management at least 28 days before the proposed activity. 

Apply now

Information required in the application must include:

  1. Location of proposed activity
  2. Maximum height of the crane above Australian Height Datum (AHD)
  3. Whether there is any marking or lighting installed on the crane
  4. Proposed operating hours, and any other relevant information.

On receipt of the completed Crane Assessment Form, the Airport will conduct an initial assessment of the application. If the initial assessment confirms the proposed activity is not likely to be an obstacle, the Airport will approve the application. This process will take approximately 7 days from receipt of the application.

If a proposed crane activity is assessed as likely to be an obstacle, Airport management will refer details of the proposed activity to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to determine:

    (a) whether the crane activity will be a hazard to aircraft operations; and

    (b) whether the crane requires an obstacle light that is essential for the safety of aircraft operations.

This process will take approximately three weeks from receipt of the application.

Crane activity approval

An approval may carry conditions relating to how the activity must be carried out. These conditions may include marking or lighting, the hours or weather conditions in which the crane can operate, or requirements to maintain contact with the airport during the operation.

Proponents granted an approval to conduct a crane activity are responsible for complying with the conditions of an approval.  This involves monitoring the timeframes of the activity to ensure that activity is completed within the specified period of the approval and ensuring that any reporting obligations are met.

If an extension or variation to an approval is required, Proponents must apply at least 28 days before the expiry of the current approval to enable an assessment as described in Assessment of Applications.

An approval applies to individual cranes at specific locations and is not transferrable to operations across a site.

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