At the Airport

Projects - Planning Our Future

  • Strengthening our Runway for the Future

    The airport’s 30-metre wide runway will be overlayed as part of a maintenance program that will extend its lifespan by up to 10 years. The last runway overlay occurred in 2013.

    These routine runway maintenance works are undertaken to ensure the runway will continue to accommodate the expected aviation traffic over the coming years. 

    The project cost is estimated to be approximately $20 million, with $5.54 million provided through the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund, and the remainder funded through the Airport’s Capital Works program.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For more information about the Runway Overlay Project click on the drop down headings below.

    The Runway Overlay Project involves an asphalt overlay to the existing runway surface and the installation of grooves into the finished surface. The runway lighting system will also undergo a significant upgrade to a more efficient LED lighting system.

    The runway pavement surface is now over 10 years old and is approaching the end of its designed life. The runway needs to be maintained to increase its lifespan.

    The project has commenced and will have peaks and troughs in visible activities. The main runway works will be visible commencing 5 June 2023.

    The works are timed to make the most of expected favourable weather conditions,and are being completed after hours to minimise impact to airport passengers and airlines.

    The main overlay works are expected to be completed by late July 2023, weather permitting. After the main overlay, there will be a pause in works while the surface cures. Crews will then install grooves on the surface of the runway to assist with friction and drainage. This work will continue through to November 2023 The new runway lighting system will be installed and commissioned by early December 2023.

    During the main works from 5 June to late July 2023, the runway will be closed from 9pm each night through to 5.50am the next morning. Aircraft will not be able to land or take off during this time with the exception of helicopter emergency services. All aircraft operators have been provided with a notice of the works well in advance through a regulated system. In the event of a flight delay, airlines will manage their schedules accordingly in order to meet the airport requirements. In the event that works are cancelled for a night, the runway will remain open.

    There is no impact on aircraft wanting to land on the runway during the usual airport operating hours.

    There will not be any impact to flight paths.

    There should not be any impact to airport users throughout the project as airline schedules are catering for the project. However, customers will see an increase in maintenance activities on the airfield both day and night throughout the project.

    Local residents should not be impacted other than an increase in construction traffic. The traffic will be associated with product being transported from Teven Quarry to the airport, and additional staff associated with the works. Most traffic to the site will be via Southern Cross Drive.

    The works are being managed by Ballina Byron Gateway Airport and Pitt & Sherry, with construction work by Fulton Hogan.

    As the project has numerous stages, various trades will be required. It is projected that at the peak of the works, there will be approximately 100 people onsite.


  • Terminal Expansion for new security screening equipment

    The airport terminal has been expanded to accommodate new security screening equipment and improve access for passengers entering the departure lounge.

    This project was completed in the third quarter of 2022.

    The project was funded by the Australian Government’ Aviation Recovery Framework under the Regional Airports Screening Infrastructure Security which aims to assist regional airlines to provide enhanced security screening.

  • Carpark Upgrade

    The Airport carpark was upgraded in 2022. The new carpark includes 650 carparking spaces, automated boom gates with number plate recognition and shade sails for the new premium parking area and a new solar PV system to support the airport’s energy needs.

    There are now two public parking areas, general and premium. There is also a pre-booked parking area just steps away from the check-in terminal that allows passengers the option to reserve and pay for their parking spot online before they arrive.

  • Airport Boulevard

    The construction of a new entrance road to the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport is now complete. This new road will unlock future industrial land in the Southern Cross Industrial Estate. Airport Boulevard provides an impressive entrance to the airport and will connect the future proposed expansion of the Southern Cross Industrial Estate.

    These works include:

    • construction of Airport Boulevard
    • extension of and connection to Boeing Ave
    • connection to North Creek Road 
    • construction of three roundabouts
    • bulk earthworks and fill
    • kerb and gutter
    • landscaping
    • underground services.

    The road is now open and ready for locals and visitors to enjoy!